Impeach Obama: He’s had 50 Days to Fix Everything, And He Failed

President Obama has been in office for 50 days and he has not fixed all of the nation’s problems. It is time for him to go. The economy is still in a shambles. So what if this is a global problem. So what if this is the worst financial mess since the Great Depression. He should have fixed it by now. So what if he inherited this mess. We are Americans and we expect results, instantly. Howard Fineman of Newsweek magazine is asking whether Obama is up for the job, and Obama has the nerve to try to tackle more than one issue at a time. This guy is a danger he has got to go now. By now I hope you know this is tongue in cheek. The expectations for the new president are off the charts. The problems we are facing have been developing and ignored for years. The situation has finally come to a head and it can not be fixed in 50 days, 100 days or 365 days.  Our problems are too big to be solved in these artificial media driven timelines. The president is also being criticized for trying to deal with more than one issue. Some have suggested that he only concentrate on the economy. The president even as a candidate said the president has to be able to concentrate on more than one issue. Yes, the economy is the number one issue, but it is not the only issue facing us. It the president did just concentrate only on the economy he would be accused of having tunnel vision, and the question would be “can’t this guy multi-task?” The first 100 days was an artificial media driven timeline, and now this 50 day barometer is ludicrous.  Whether we admit it or not we have big problems that require radical solutions and our problems are not going to be solved soon.  So let’s let President Obama do the job he was elected to do. Let’s let him lead us of out of this crisis and stop the sniping.

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