Sen. Barack Obama Democratic Nominee…Not Yet

On MSNBC this morning the host was asking her guest why was Barack Obama not calling himself the nominee? She said others in the party were saying at this point he has a lock on the nomination. Sen. Obama is doing just what he should be doing. He says the numbers are in his favor but at this point he is not the nominee. If he were going around calling himself the nominee the press would be calling him arrogant and declaring this thing is not over. The press can anoint you one week and since you are already well-oiled they  fry you the next week. Sen. Obama is conducting business as usual and making his case to the people and he has started campaigning against Sen. McCain. There are still issues to be resolved and I am sure the Clintons have more tricks up their sleeves. It will only be over when he is officially hailed as the nominee either in Denver or if Sen. Clinton finally stops running long enough to read the handwriting on the wall.

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