Is Karl Rove Really that Smart?

Over the weekend I was talking to my aunt about the election. She is a Hillary lover. She started talking about the ill-fated candidacy of George McGovern. She said that he was a candidate that received crossover votes when he was running for the Democratic party candidacy. She said the Republicans picked him because they knew he would be a weak candidate in the general election. She went on to say that Barack Obama was a similar candidate and that Karl Rove was encouraging Republicans to vote for him because he too would be a weak candidate. Well, I just can not accept that Karl Rove is that smart or that the American public is that dumb. Obama represents change and that means people are tired of the status quo. People want someone different with a different perspective and they as well as I believe he is the one that can truly facilitate change. I can not accept that some diabolical force is behind his ascendency. Karl Rove might have been the architect behind the Bush presidencey, but I can not give him credit for the rise of Obama.

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