The Agony of Indecision

Yesterday, Congressman John Lewis, who is a Democratic super delegate said he would be casting his vote for Sen. Barack Obama. He had previously pledged his allegiance to Sen. Clinton. He said he agonized over this decision. he said the Clintons are like a 2nd family to him. When he was announcing this decision he looked like he was still in agony. When someone gives me a gift I want them to look happy. I want them to show enthusiasm. An old episode of the Cosby show comes to mind. One of the Cosby kids had not told him about a very important decision. In this case one of the daughters was secretly engaged. By the time she shared the news with the family many others already knew. Cosby asked the suitor what was his favorite meal. The suitor replied steak, baked potatoe and salad. Cosby said well what if I made that meal for you and served it on a garbage can top would you like it? The suitor replied no. Cosby said exactly because of how it was presented to you. I thought about it as I watched the honorable Congressman announce his decision. If this is a source of pain and not a source of joy perhaps he needs to stay with your first choice.  We want people fired up and ready to go and judging from yesterday it looks like John Lewis’ fire is almost out.

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