At What Point is It Over?

When you lose once people say you lost. When you lose 10 times you are officially a loser. Most of the time a lose is discounted, but not in this primary season. If Barack Obama had lost 10 primaries in a row we would now be saying Barack Who? In the case of Hillary Clinton the 10 time loser she is still called a contender.  She is still treated with deference and she is still complaining. The showdown in Ohio was a true yawner. They have debated 20 times and they spent 16 minutes talking about their health care plan differences. The sad thing about this exchange is they spent all this time debating something that is totally non-existant at this time. Last night we learned nothing new. After next week we should have a clearer picture and hopefully if Clinton loses again she might finally determine this is over. Right now I see a sore loser who refuses to quit.

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