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How would you like to live in a world with no rules?

This morning I was watching the Today Show. They featured a story about a great little girl basketball player. She was great and she played on an all boys team but the state rules committee would not let her team participate in the tournament because the rules stated that a girl could not play on the boys team. The team decided not to participate if ahe was not allowed to play. The anchors of the Today Show said they hope that the team would challenge the rule and the ultimate goal was to overturn the rule. So why do we have rules? Do we only want to obey rules we agree with? On the evening news I saw a rancher who refuses to pay the tax the IRS has determined he owes on the land that he lets his cows graze on. he has not paid taxes in 20 years and has a tax bill of 1 million dollars. he refuses to pay and people from throughout the country have come out to support him. So he refuses to pay his taxes but we have to pay our taxes. Is he right? What rules do we wish to obey? So what do we do? Eliminate some rules, all rules? Share your thoughts.

For Brown Girls founder Karyn Washington dead at 22

Read linked story and share your thoughts.


Lacey Holsworth friend to Michigan State player Adreian Payne loses her battle with cancer

Read the linked story for the details.


Restroom Controversy…is this a civil rights issue?

A friend of mine told me her granddaughter works at a major retailer. There is an employee who was hired as a male, but now he identifies as a female. He has started using the ladies room and when her granddaughter complained she was told by HR that she was discriminating against the employee. So now she no longer uses the ladies room at the store. Are her rights being ignored? Share your thoughts.

Amani Terrell is promoting self esteem…is it working?

Share your thoughts.

Robert Richards IV, duPont heir admits raping 3 year old gets no jail time

Another victim of “affluenza”? A few months ago a rich teen who had killed 4 people was sentenced to a luxurious group home. Now Robert Richards IV heir to the duPont fortune has been given probation. He has admitted raping a 3 year old but the judge determined he would not do well in prison. Really??? Share your thoughts.


RHOA reunion show features Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore brawl

RHOA was known for women getting into each others faces. they would say rude things to each other but hitting was off limits. If you want hitting you had to go to the other reality show, Maury Povich, but this season the housewives have truly jumped the shark. They have become Basketball Wives. The kind of women that don’t mind brawling and that is sad. Read the linked story for the details.


Why did Beyonce snap a selfie at the Anne Frank house?

beyonce selfie with anne frank

Why do celebrities feel compelled to take a picture everywhere they go? Was it appropriate for Beyonce to take this selfie? Read the linked article and share your thoughts.


Anita Hill the movie opens this Friday March 21

anita hill the movie

Do you remember the Clarence Thomas hearings or should we say the Anita Hill hearings? She said that she was sexually harrassed by the then Supreme court nominee Clarence Thomas, but he went on to be confirmed. He claimed to be the victim of a high tech lynching. Her documentary will be in theaters this Friday. What do you remember about the hearing? Share your thoughts.

Have you seen Danielle Locklear?

Danielle locklear

Missing Since:
Mar 11, 2014

Missing From:
Hope Mills, NC

Jul 10, 1998

Age Now:15



Hair Color:Black

Eye Color:Green


Weight:150 lbs

Danielle was last seen on March 11, 2014. She is Biracial. Danielle is Native American and White. She may wear glasses.

Call 911 if you see her.


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