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Is this Super Bowl Butterfinger commercial a little over the top?

Share your thoughts.

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

In the midst of the super Bowl mayhem sometimes it is simply nice to go old school.

Beyonce says she is proud of her Inauguration Performance

At the Super Bowl Press conference Beyonce decided to quiet the critics by singing the nationa anthem. Will this quiet the noise? Share your thoughts.

Why is Dan Marino announcing he has a love child now?

Yesterday Dan Marino appeared on CBS The Talk. He was there to promote the Super bowl, but in the course of the conversation he was asked how many children did he have? Without hesitation he answered 6, but today we learn he actually has 7. the last child he had with a CBS co-worker 7 years ago. Until now it had been a secret, but the Super Bowl is a big stage, and sadly when you are in the spotlight your entire life is under a microscope. Nothing is secret.


Gisele Buchchen Criticizes Patriots Receivers…Can you blame her?

Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen has been taking heat today for committing an unpardonable sin…criticizing the Patriots receivers. Let’s set the stage. The game is over her team has lost and some fool sees her and yells “Eli owns your husband”. So she is upset and then she says that her husband can’t do it all. Is that a true statement? She says he can’t throw it and catch it? All of this is true, but wives know the unwritten law–you don’t talk about your husband’s teammates. Sure she is upset and she has to deal with her husband who will be upset from now until the new season starts. So I say give her a break. She’s human and she reacted like most humans would. (Maybe minus the profanity)


Gisele Bundchen is mocked for asking her so-called friends and family to pray for her husband

On many occasions I have asked for my friends and family members to pray for me or members of my immediate family, but we are not celebrities. I wonder can celebrities actually have friends or are their friends just looking for a way to exploit their relationship. While watching Morning Joe I heard them mocking Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen prayer request for her husband, but how did they get it? It appeared in the NY Post today because one of the people on her email list leaked it and all I can say Gisele, is with friends like this who needs enemies.


Ben Roethlisberger is No Victim

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in the Super Bowl, and Ben Roethlisberger is the quarterback. If you watch any of the sports shows you will often hear them refer to Ben’s off season problems. Often they will talk about what he has “been through”. If one is not familiar with the antics of the quarterback they are left to wonder what happened to poor Ben. Ben was accused of sexual assault on two different women. He was never charged with a crime but the NFL felt there was sufficient evidence to discipline him. A friend of mine Gail  writes the blog, Team Ravens. Today she addressed this issue and I encourage you to follow the link and read more on the real Ben Roethlisberger. http://teamravens.wordpress.com/2011/01/27/big-ben-what-he-went-through-was-getting-caught/

Super Bowl 44: Are Men Really that Unhappy?

This is my last Super Bowl related post. One of the recurring themes of the commercials was the fact that men are very unhappy. There was a car commercial I think it was Dodge and we saw images of men and we could hear what was going on in their minds. They all seemed to be living quiet lives of desparation and the car would give them a chance at real joy. So having children, a significant other and a job in your life simply sucks the joy out of a man’s life but you can be happy with this car. That is really some negative thinking. You also had the man who had his spine removed and he was so sad because he actually liked shopping with his wife. Who are the people behind these commercials. Their bosses might need to put them on suicide watch because they view the world through a very joyless lens.

Dorito Super Bowl Commercial: Funny or Disrespectful?

Yesterday as I watched Super Bowl I was struck by one of the Dorito commercials. To me it was disrepectful on two levels. First you have a man come into the home of a woman and leer at her as she leaves the room. Then there is her small son who slaps an adult. I get this was all done in humor, but there is something a little unsettling about a child striking an adult. We live in a society where if an adult hit a child in public he could possibly be arrested, but this is passed off as humor. We have seen the debut of the next “sassy black child”. Some probably will say lighten up, but too me this simply took the humor too far.

Super Bowl 44 Did Not Disappoint

First of all while I am a fan of President Obama I do not want to hear him discussing policy of the day of the big game. Each network that host the Super Bowl uses it as an opportunity to hype all of their shows, and this was an opportunity for CBS to showcase Katie Couric at our expense.  It is fine to interview the commander and chief but keep it light we came to have fun. The interview with Plaxico Burress was also somber but it was relevant. Burress was a participant in the Super Bowl two years ago and now he is a prison inmate so it was interesting to see him go from a celebrated athlete to a repentant prisoner. CBS Jim Brown also did a piece on the residents of the 9th Ward. When we listen to the New Orleans Cinderella story we would think the entire city has experienced a rebirth, but that is simply not true and I was glad to see the piece on the residents of the 9th Ward. That section of the city looks like Katrina was yesterday. So it was a good move to give them opportunity to talk about that part of the city and not just the remodeled Dome.  All of these was important moments but it was a great game and I was happy to see the Saints win. So now they can say “Who Dat? Won That!”


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