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What do Being Mary Jane, Scandal and Blurred Lines have in common?

Last night was the finale for Being Mary Jane. Did it leave us hopeful or sad? It depends on your perspective. Mary Jane has a fantastic job, a dysfunctional family and a complicated love life. She is the poster woman for you can’t have it all, but at some points during the finale you just wanted her to have some. This show is the latest must see among black women, but the real question is why? Why do we applaud a woman who seems to find her happy at the expense of another woman. In the real world the sidechick is despised but more and more the sidechick is celebrated. Scandal was the forerunner to the celebration of the sidechick. The character Olivia Pope is another successful black woman who finds her happy in the arms of the married president. We know this is all fantasy but it begs the question what are women willing to settle for? Is securing a portion of a man’s heart enough? Have we blurred the lines so much where this is the new normal. During the Tiger Woods scandal a few years ago we learned of Woods’ serial unfaithfulness, but we also saw countless women proudly stand before the cameras and say yes I was with Tiger. It was a parade of sidechicks who loved having their 15 minutes in the spotlight. The other day I saw Gabrielle Union who plays Mary Jane on The View. The sidechick question surfaced but Union brushed it aside, but it can’t be. She and Kerry Washington are the stars of very successful shows, but when the storyline portrays them as women knowingly engaged in relationships with married men they are the sidechick and the lines are not blurred.

Why do we love Olivia Pope?

As a married woman I would not want my husband to have a side chick. Let alone a woman that I knew or had to interact with. I would find the situation intolerable, so I ask why do we love Olivia Pope? In the popular series ABC Scandal Pope is the side chick. Sure she is portrayed as a powerful take no prisoners woman but she is a side chick who settles for the crumbs of time that her lover President Fitzgerald Grant can give her. Sure he says all the right things to her. He loves her and fantacizes about their “life” in Vermont or Maine or Utopia, but he is still reluctantly loyal to the real first lady. So why are we slavishly devoted to the hot mess? Thursday night I called a friend in Detroit to discuss the Kwame Kilpatrick verdict and as the clok neared 10 I told her I had to wrap it up because I had to watch Scandal. She laughed and said me too that she was thinking of a way to get me off the phone. So back to the orignal question why do we watch a show that is centered around an an adultrous love affair set in the White House? It is a pure, ridiculous fantasy designed to entertain. It does not mean we condone the behavior it simply means we enjoy a well written story.

For Viewers of ABC Scandal: Did tonight’s episode make you uneasy?

Not sure I liked the plotline of Scandal. Initially the character Olivia Pope and the president had a hot love affair going. Yes, it was hot and wrong, but the characters seemed to have real love for each other, but tonight that affair took a real left turn. The president who once professed his love for Pope now is treating her like a street whore. He grabbed her had sex with her and then said he was finished with her. Does this storyline make anyone uncomfortable? Share your thoughts.

Tired of Basketball Wives and RHOA? Let’s give ABC Scandal a try tonight

We have watched black women insult each other, one up each other and fight each other. Reality television is meant to be sensational and lately that is one of the few places you see black women, but tonight we have the opportunity to see a black professional woman leading a team. Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, former White House Communication Director. She is the head of a crisis management team and she knows everyone’s secrets and she knows how to turn crap into champagne. Tonight is the first episode and in order to assure there will be more we have got to watch this show.


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