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Did you watch Blackish last night?

I watched the ABC new sitcom Blackish last night. Some have compared the show to the old Cosby show but there is no comparision. Sure both shows feature upwardly mobile black people but that is where the similarities end. The Cosby show was simply a funny show about a family who happened to be black. they were not ringing their hands questioning their success. They worked hard to get what they had and they enjoyed it. From the title of the show you know they will be questioning their identity and that is what they did last night. It will be interesting to see where they go with this theme over the season. Did you see the how? Share your thoughts.

Dear White People Opens October 17th

Alaska Reporter quits in a profane way

Share your thoughts.

Why did Nike drop Adrian Peterson, but keep Hope Solo?


Two Black girls killed, but who cares?

Interesting article.


Sheryl Underwood shares an explosive secret on The Talk

Today on The Talk Sheryl Underwood revealed a long held secret. She share with the audience how years ago she was on a conference call with two fellow comediennes and they did not know she was on the call. She heard them make disparaging remarks about her appearance, her comedic ability and other things. She never revealed that she was on the call and went on to work with both women. She said she can now tell it because she is where she needs to be. My question is could you do that or would you have to confront the women?

Michael Eric Dyson asks is it punishment or child abuse?

An interesting perspective. Share your thoughts.


The Curious Case of abuser US District Court Judge Mark Fuller

Interesting article.


Are there two Americas?

going out mom

Vogue has declared it the Era of the Booty…really?

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.



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