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Spent: Looking for change narrated by Tyler Perry

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The Last Jet-Print Edition Now on Newstands

jet-the last issue

CHICAGO, (June 6, 2014)— JET magazine will release its final print issue, hitting newsstands on June 9. The cover of the last issue salutes JET magazine’s iconic history by featuring images of previous covers throughout the past 63 years. Inside, readers will find a retrospective of the news covered in the magazine dating from 1951 to the present. Coverage includes:
•A letter from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
•A tribute to the late Maya Angelou
•Recognition of some the biggest celebrities on the pages of JET, such as Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby, Whitney Houston, Spike Lee, Diana Ross, Halle Berry, Beyoncé, Tyler Perry and more
•A montage of the best JET beauties and the best of the “Week’s Best Photo”
•The top music albums from the 1950s to the present
•Fashion and style influences over the years
•Coverage of African-American history, from the civil rights movement to a special investigative report on missing Black children
“This issue serves as the final bow to everything JET has done over the years,” stated Mitzi Miller, the former editor-in-chief of JET magazine, now editor-in-chief of EBONY. “From politics to entertainment, JET magazine has had a tremendous impact on society and shaping conversations within the African-American community,” she added. “I’m very proud of the work I’ve accomplished over the past three years, and excited to see JET now continue this tradition in a digital platform.”
“I am very proud of this last issue of JET magazine,” said Linda Johnson Rice, the chairman of Johnson Publishing Company (JPC). “It epitomizes the historical influence this magazine has made in this country,” she continued. “For those who grew up with the magazine, they will find this issue a collection of treasured memories, and a younger audience will see it as the guide that reveals the cultural influences of today.”
JET is launching a new weekly digital magazine app to address the needs of its readers to get information quickly and easily. The new app, scheduled to launch June 30, will be available on all tablet devices and mobile platforms. The content will feature breaking news and strong entertainment content, along with politics, pop culture and social issues that impact African-Americans, as well as a new EBONY/JET digital store.

Don Lemon says everyone should stop saying the n-word…is he right?

DON LEMON-Very frequently I hear young people of all ages, in public, who can barely get through a sentence without using the word; even calling each other n-words — of all different ethnicities. Clearly Justin Bieber, a young man who by the way, has immersed himself in black, Hip Hop culture should not be saying the n-word. So the question is, if you want people like Justin Bieber to stop using it and to stop making excuses for using it, shouldn’t you do the same?
Lemon is being branded online as an idiot, but what do you think?

Is Justin Bieber a racist?

Donald Sterling made racist statements to his girlfriend in a private conversation. That leaked conversation cost him his NBA franchise. This week two Justin Bieber tapes have been released and he has been casually dropping the n-word. There is talk that there is a more extensive tape yet to come. The first tapes were dismissed as the youthful mistakes of the superstar, but really how long is he going to get a pass? Paula Deen lost part of her empire, Sterling lost his franchise. What is Bieber going to lose?


Black Church Inc.-The Documentary

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Justin Bieber 2nd N-Word Video…did he really not get that thie was wrong?

Everyone said when the first tape was leaked that Justin Bieber was too young to understand what he was saying. Now a second tape has been released. At what point will Bieber be held accountable?

Class of 2014 Welcome to the Real World?

class of 2014

Every year millions of young people graduate from high school and college. The students change and the times change, but the message given to students has stayed the same. Students are told at graduation that they will now be entering the real world. Gone are the days of good times. It is now time to keep your head down and plow through to reality, but aren’t these kids actually living in the real world? School is no longer a safe haven. Some schools are more akin to a war zone than an institute of higher learning. Guns and knives are appearing with more and more frequency in small hamlets and big cities, Cyber bullying allows perpetrators endless hours to intimidate vulnerable young people. Some teachers have become sexual predators that have easy access to victims that innocently sit in their classrooms. So what part of this is not the real world? Our young people have their feet firmly planted in the real world. Maybe the phrase should be welcome to the work world or welcome to college life. Sadly the Class of 2014 did not grow up in a Utopian environment. They know the world is a cold place and hopefully during their time in school they have developed survival skills necessary to enter and conquer it.

This is “Are” Story…Chicago High School Prom Invite

this is our story
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Bride attaches baby to her train…why didn’t somebody stop her?

We all have heard the phrase that the day of the wedding is the bride’s day, but there should be limits. When the bride decides to attach her one month old baby to the train of her gown somebody should have said NO, but in this case no one did. Share your thoughts.

Justin Bieber’s N-word joke…is this a problem?

Justin Bieber is heard dropping the n-word while telling a joke. Is he insolatd because of his “hood pass” or is this problematic? Share your thoughts.


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