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Is Bill Cosby the villian or the victim?

Has the world turned on Bill Cosby or is social media leading the charge? Last week I read that Rush Limbaugh was one of cosby’s chief defenders. Limbaugh claimed the reemergence of these allegations was brought on by Cobsy espousing unpopular viewpoints regarding black young people. Cosby has been outfront in his criticism of young man wearing sappy pants and showing disrespect for authority. I must say I dismissed the contention until I saw that CNN is keeping the story going. This mornin I saw Chuck Nice and CNN Carol Costello talking abour “responsibility Politics”. I had never heard this term but it means holding people accountable and evidently this is not popular in some quarters of the black community, and cosby is a proponent of this viewpoint. This was the first time I heard his politics and these allegations being discussed in the same breath. Why are these two things being morphed into one discussion? Why are these old allegations gaining new life. We all know that Hannibal Burress a comedian stirred the pot a few weeks ago and since that time three women have come forth claiming they had been raped by cosby, but one of them admitted she never filed a police report. Another admits going out with him another time after the assault. Who really knows what happened? My question is should Bill cosby keep quiet or proclaim his innocence? Share your thoughts.

Does privilege insulate our children from racism?

This morning I read an article written by a successful black man. In it he shared that he and his wife were educated, hard working people who had achieved “the American dream”. Their children went to private school and during the summer they attended enrichment classes given on some of country’s premier college campuses. This summer the man’s son was minding his own business when a car pulled up full of white guys who casually called their precious son the n-word. The son was so stunned he asked the guy to repeat it and the guy complied. When the son returned to his dorm he called his father and told him what he had just experienced. The father was also shocked but the question is why? Did he truly believe that living the good life provided armor from ignorance? You can raise your children to be color blind but never forget not everyone parents like you do. Share your thoughts.

Ebola Bullying?

African children now being bullied. Watch the linked story and share your thoughts.


The Two Ways out of the Neighborhood…which one did you choose?

Interesting article. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Is Our Ebola Strategy being shaped on the fly?

I took a plane flight this past weekend and I took plastic gloves annd disinfectant wipes to clean the tray tables and the armrest, but I knew that was an act of spitting in the wind. Ebola is here and we don’t seem to know how to handle it. the government seems more reactive than proactive. Health care workers are complaining about a lack of protocol. The government seems to be in some kind of paralytic stupor. The talking heads they send out can’t offer comfort because they know this is more than they can handle. We need a plan and not platitudes. This is not going to get better until someone comes up with a actual plan that is not predicated on reaction. Are we expecting too much from our government?

Vest or Vote…is this ad fair or foul?

This ad is from Dream Defenders. Do you think it is fair? We have seen incidents of police misconduct, but in some areas wouldn’t the young men and boys wear them to fend off criminals that are actually their neighbors? Share your thoughts.

The Cheerio Effect: My Two Dads

Share your thoughts.

Did Indiana police go too far?

The police pulled the woman over for a seat belt violation, but they spent more time questioning her passenger. The conversation went on for 13 minutes and when the police determined he was non complient they took it to another level. Let’s be clear the police should not have broken the window. In doing so they risked injury to the children in the backseat, but were their actions racist? They never uttered racial ephitets at the passenger, but would they have treated any non-complient person this same way? Share your thoughts.

Raven Symone says don’t label me African American

Share your thoughts.

Steve Harvey’s partenership with Paula Deen has upset some people

“I just know the good in her. That’s all I know. And it outweighs the bad by a landslide,” — Steve Harvey on his new collaboration with Paula Deen.
Steve Harvey is officially on the COON train.

A friend of mine posted this on his Facebook page. Paula Deen admitted to using the N-word last year and she saw sponsors run from her like she had the plague. She has spent the last year rebuilding her brand. Steve harvey reached out to her and has made her a mentor to boys that he mentors through his foundation. He has forgiven her and he has put action to his words. Many in the black community are questioning the wisdom of this decision but what do you think? Should Paula Deen be mentoring young black boys?


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