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LA Lakers Steve Blake curses at fan…does a ticket give you a right to say anything?

The LA Lakers are on a serious losing streak. Last night Steve Blake cursed at a fan after fouling out of the game. No one knows what the fan said to Blake. My question is does a fan have the right to say anything to a player without fear of retaliation? Share your thoughts.

Derrick Rose cries while introducing new shoe…will this effect his image?

Men do cry, but many of them avoid doing it in public. Today Derrick Rose coming off a season ending injury cried while promoting his new shoe. Are you comfortable with men showing this kind of open emotions.

Mark Jackson was a victim of extortion brought on by stupidity

Mark Jackson played for the NBA for years and then he went on to a successful career as a broadcaster, and he is also a pastor. He then went on to be coach of the Golden State Warriors. Yesterday it was revealed that 6 years ago he had an affair and the woman was trying to blackmail him by threatening to release nude photos that he had sent her. Here is the stupidity–he sent the pictures to her, but why would she attempt to extort money from Jackson? Jackson has always come across as one of the good ones and she and her cohort believed that he would do anything to protect his reputation, but he did not engage in the cover up. Christians are not perfect, they are simply forgiven. Being a Christian does not preclude errors. Jackson made a serios mistake, but he owned up to it and he is still one of the good ones.


Amare Stoudemire the latest victim of Twitter

NY Knicks Amare Stoudemire sent a direct message tweet to someone that contained a gay slur. The reciepient promptly posted the message. Stoudemire was fined $50K for his twitter outburst. When will people learn Twitter is not a diary you are actually talking to the world and those 140 characters can be costly.


NBA Commissioner David Stern asked reporter if “he had stopped beating his wife”,,,sarcastic retort or out of bounds?

David Stern would have to be classified as a man of a certain age. Yesterday he was on the radio with Jim Rome. Rome can be a jerk and he asked Stern if the NBA draft was rigged? A ridiculous question and Stern responded with a ridiculous reply. Stern asked Rome if he had stopped beating his wife.Was Stern’s response insensitive or appropriate? http://content.usatoday.com/communities/gameon/post/2012/06/david-stern-asks-jim-rome-if-hes-stopped-beating-his-wife/1?csp=Dailybriefing

TNT Charles Barkley Makes Political Statement during NBA game…what should be done about it?

When you watch the NBA playoffs do you expect to hear political statements? No, but last night Charles Barkley made one. What should be done about it? Share your thoughts.

Chris Paul’s son makes the “Blake” face

This is not political this is simply cute. I love it when the players bring their kids to the post game interviews. Chris Paul asks his son to make the Blake face, named after his teammate Blake Griffith. It’s good for a Monday morning chuckle. Happy Monday!

Rod Artest suspended for 7 games, is that enough?

The NBA has suspended Ron Artest for 7 games without pay for the vicious hit on James Harden. That means he will miss the last game of the season and the first 6 games of the playoffs. Artest has been suspended a number of times, and you have to wonder if suspension is the deterrent that he needs. Should they have done more? Keep in mind if he had done this same thing let’s say in the grocery store he probably would have been arrested. What do you think?

Metta World Peace is still Ron Artest

A few years ago Ron Artest was an Indiana Pacer. During his tenure as a Pacer he was sitting on a scorer’s table while a play was being discussed and a spectator poured soda on him. Artest retaliated and a fight ensued. Artest was suspended for 69 games which actually was the remainder of the season. I believe that Artest never should have gone after the fan, but I also don’t believe by purchasing a ticket that you have the right to violate a player. Since that incident Artest has undergone anger management and changed his name to reflect his new persona: Metta World Peace. Well yesterday Mr. Peace must have stayed home and told Ron Artest to suit up. Metta took a cheap shot and leveled Oklahoma Thunder player James Harden with his elbow and once he was assessed a flagrant foul and immediate ejection he tried to feign innocence by saying he was actually celebrating his dunk. Come on Ron, I mean Metta, I mean Mr. Cheap Shot. Whatever he wants to be called it does not matter what he did yesterday on the court would be classified as assault on the streets and what he demonstrates is he changed his name, but he like the leopard can not change his spots.

Madea…oh no! Charles Barkley’s Weight Watchers Commercial

One question: why?


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