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Jim Brown apologizes about slavery remarks


What have the Democrats done for the black community?

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Houston Dad kills daughter’s boyfriend…will he be charged?

What if one of your children woke you up at 2AM and said someone was in his sister’s bedroom? What would you do? A Houston dad got his gun and confronted the young man. His daughter said she did not know the man, and when the young man made a move the dad shot him in the head. The boy was killed and the daughter confessed that the dead young man was her boyfriend. Was the father within his rights? This morning I saw relatives of the dead young man lamenting their loss. They said he did not deserve to die like that, and they are right, but he should not have sneaked into the girl’s house. He has lost his life for a night of fun and the girl has to live with the fact that her lie might have cost him his life. It is a sad story but we all make choices and that night the young man made what would become a deadly choice.


Bill Maher’s Assault on God Continues

His disdain for deity amazes me. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Why is Donald Trump talking foreign policy on the Today Show?

This morning master showman Donald Trump was a guest on the Today Show. He was there to promote the Miss USA pagent, but Matt Lauer decided to throw him a foreign policy question. Specifically Lauer said that Trump has repeatedly called the president “weak” what he do if he was president in reference to the behavior of Putin. Of course the pompus Trump said it should have nver happened, but when pressed Trump offered criticism and this stinging line. Trump said I hope the President does not try to “show his manhood” by doing something stupid. Why the manhood reference? Trump might be a successful businessman but he has not been elected to any office. He is a Monday morning quarterback who NBC has given an incredible platform to spew his venom regarding this president. It must translate into ratings gold for them because he is still allowed to do it. Lauer willingly lobbed the prepared soft pitch and predictably Trump hit it out of the park during his visit to the Today Show to pump anothe one of his circus acts.

First The Boondocks and now Black Jesus…is anything sacred anymore?

Read the clip and share your thoughts:


President’s Funny or Die Routine was a mistake

I’ve listened to the anchors compliment the president on his comedic timing all day, but he is not paid to be comedian. He is the President of the United States. Arguably the most powerful man in the world. So why is he sitting down doing a mock interview with one of the guys from the Hangover trilogy? Sure he is trying to reach the young and he is using non traditional media but is this how we want to see POTUS? We get he is the cool president full of swagger, but some things are frankly unpresidential and to me this was one of them. The CBS News called it a success and said the video has gotten 3 million hits, but how many of the ones that have laughed at the skit have gone on the website and signed up for Obamacare? Laughs are great, but in this case I have to ask was it worth it? What’s next? Will he be interviewed by Kermit the Frog to reach young moms? This afternoon Twitter said the right was going crazy over the clip, but I don’t think this is a right/left thing…this is simply was a bad idea and somebody in his inner circle should have seen it before we did.


Clay Mills Road Baptist Church does blackface and it is not a good look

Is it just bad judgment or something else? Share your thoughts.



CPAC Minority Outreach Panel…where is everybody?

cpak minority outreach
A picture is worth a 1000 words.

John McCain says Ted Cruz should apologize to Bob Dole

Ted Cruz is the darling of conservatives. He talks tough and he does not mind stepping on toes, even the toes of members of his own party. Yesterday he spoke about three of the last GOP presidential contenders. He spoke sarcastically about President Dole, President McCain and President Romney. McCain said he could take the insults, but Bob Dole should be off limits. Ninety year old Dole fought valiantly in World War II and sustained injuries that have effected his entire life. It takes a special kind of person to hurl an insert at Dole, and that special person is Cruz who can talk about patriotism, but obviously he can’t recognize a real patriot when he sees one.


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