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What do Bill Cosby and Tiger Woods have in common?

Tiger Woods and Bill Cosby are two very successful men. They had fortune and fame, and they had the adoration of America. Woods was a golf phenom and Cosby was an entertainment trailblazer. Cosby was a television star when it was a rarity to see a black man on television. Woods made golf interesting to people who resided in the hood, but most importantly both men were successful pitchmen for Madison Avenue. Both men were married, but sadly both were serial womanizers. Here is where they differ Woods conquests did not claim to be drugged; Cosby’s conquests claim they were drugged by the entertainer. Cosby has never been charged with a crime. One DA has said that he wanted to charge Cosby in 2005 but the evidence did not support a successful prosecution. So why is he talking now? Because he is now a part of the media strategic plan to destroy Cosby. Janice Dickinson, the former super model who never saw a reality show that she did not want to be on has been a dramatic vocal Cosby accuser. She said she was drugged by Cosby and raped. She remembers little about it other than Cosby wore a patchwork robe. No police report just Dickinson’s word. Other women have come forth with similar stories. Last night I saw an actress who says Cosby mentored her and she would wake up with no memory of what had happened, and then she said he might have raped her. The operative word is “might”, but that was enough to get her a spot in the chorus line of accusers. I’m not a Cosby apologist but this drip, drip, drip of accusers stepping to the microphone is reminiscent of the Woods affair. We all know Cosby will never be a pitchman for anything, he will never star in another television show, and people will never look at him the same way again, but at what point will the dripping stop? Woods and Cosby were once at the top and they looked down on the rest of the mere mortals, but now they have both learned despite the former adulation they are both also mere mortals once highly regarded and now object of disdain. Share your thoughts.

Is Bill Cosby a rapist? Barbara Bowman says he is

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Presidential love triangle at Illinois polls

Is Our Ebola Strategy being shaped on the fly?

I took a plane flight this past weekend and I took plastic gloves annd disinfectant wipes to clean the tray tables and the armrest, but I knew that was an act of spitting in the wind. Ebola is here and we don’t seem to know how to handle it. the government seems more reactive than proactive. Health care workers are complaining about a lack of protocol. The government seems to be in some kind of paralytic stupor. The talking heads they send out can’t offer comfort because they know this is more than they can handle. We need a plan and not platitudes. This is not going to get better until someone comes up with a actual plan that is not predicated on reaction. Are we expecting too much from our government?

Did this Wendy Davis ad go too far?

is everything fair in politics? Wendy Davis candidate for governor of Texas addresses her opponents disability. Did she go too far?

Did Indiana police go too far?

The police pulled the woman over for a seat belt violation, but they spent more time questioning her passenger. The conversation went on for 13 minutes and when the police determined he was non complient they took it to another level. Let’s be clear the police should not have broken the window. In doing so they risked injury to the children in the backseat, but were their actions racist? They never uttered racial ephitets at the passenger, but would they have treated any non-complient person this same way? Share your thoughts.

Republicans are people Too

Share your thoughts.

Is Harold Washington making an endorsement from the grave?

Bruce Rauner is running against Pat Quinn. He wants to be the new governor so wh does he turn to for an endorsement? Harold Washington former mayor of chicago and dead since 1987. Is this smart or seriously desperate? Share your thoughts.

Miriam Carey drives erratically in DC and gets gunned down, Omar Gonzalez jumps fence and goes into the White House and lives to tell it

UPDATED 9/23/14

How could a man scale the White House fence and go into the residence with a knife in his pocket? What was the Secret Service doing? Where were the dogs? Miriam Carey was gunned down for driving erratically in DC and Omar Gonzalez managed to enter the residence? What would have happened if six people had jumped the fence and the Obamas were home? Why was the door unlocked? So many questions and not enough answers.


Apollos Hester inspiring words light up the night


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