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NBC drops Bill Cosby project in wake of rape allegations

Bill Cosby broke alot of barriers on television. He is one of the first black men to be a star on a network television show. That show was I Spy. He went on to star on the Cosby Show which was Number 1 for a number of years, but when he dies his accomplishments will be a footnote. The obit will start off with the alleged rape allegations and that is sad. It is sad if he actually did this and it is sad if he didn’t, but we live in a society that likes to build people up and they also like to tear them down. Last night Janice Dickinson appeared on ET and she told the story of how she was raped by Cosby, but her story was riddled with holes, but who cares. Even though she has denied in print that nothing happened between her and Cosby. Now she says she was pressured to leave those parts out of her book. Her version of the facts is being accepted as the gospel. Seriously do you really think there is anything Cosby could say that would quell the noise? Today NBC announced they are dropping cosby’s sitcom project. So now Cosby has lost the deal with Netflix and the NBC project. He is a defeated old man and his obit has been altered.



Is Bill Cosby the villian or the victim?

Has the world turned on Bill Cosby or is social media leading the charge? Last week I read that Rush Limbaugh was one of cosby’s chief defenders. Limbaugh claimed the reemergence of these allegations was brought on by Cobsy espousing unpopular viewpoints regarding black young people. Cosby has been outfront in his criticism of young man wearing sappy pants and showing disrespect for authority. I must say I dismissed the contention until I saw that CNN is keeping the story going. This mornin I saw Chuck Nice and CNN Carol Costello talking abour “responsibility Politics”. I had never heard this term but it means holding people accountable and evidently this is not popular in some quarters of the black community, and cosby is a proponent of this viewpoint. This was the first time I heard his politics and these allegations being discussed in the same breath. Why are these two things being morphed into one discussion? Why are these old allegations gaining new life. We all know that Hannibal Burress a comedian stirred the pot a few weeks ago and since that time three women have come forth claiming they had been raped by cosby, but one of them admitted she never filed a police report. Another admits going out with him another time after the assault. Who really knows what happened? My question is should Bill cosby keep quiet or proclaim his innocence? Share your thoughts.

Is Bill Cosby a rapist? Barbara Bowman says he is

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


America Loved Honey Boo Boo and Family Until They Didn’t

Today while watching The Talk I was struck by the contempt America now holds for Mama June. If you don’t know her let me tell you a little about her. We met her when she was showcasing her daughter Honey Boo Boo on the child pageant circle. Her antics and the antics of her daughter captured the attention of America, and ultimately they were given their own show on TLC. We witnessed the family in all kinds of asinine situations. America laughed at them and not with them. The antics went on for years after Honey Boo Boo quit the pageant world. We met her siblings and her mother’s live in boyfriend. They appeared on talk shows and dispensed their homespun wisdom and dropped hilarious soundbites that the media slurped up like country syrup, but the other shoe fell when a convicted child molester came back into the life of Mama June, and the story became more tragic when one of the daughters revealed she was one of his victims. The laughter stopped and the finger pointing started. Mama June will appear on Entertainment Tonight today and she attempts to explain herself, but she is not prepared for the questions. The handlers are gone and she is alone in the sophisticated city and now she is being called uneducated, illiterate, but she has not changed from who she was when America met her. The difference is the TLC (The Learning Channel) has dropped her. They are no longer around to funnel out the information that supported the homespun narrative. She is on her own now left to face the music, and it is no Missouri Waltz.

Breitbart attacks Loretta Lynch, but they are talking about another Loretta Lynch

Interesting article:


Full service, self service and no service

I heard a comedian joke about the advent of the self serve aisles in grocery stores. he said if we are going to do all the work we deserve a uniform. Today I visited my local grocery store and the joke became my reality. Gone are the days of a cashier and a bagger. The cashier now has to wear both hats, but that is a decision made by the store and it is truly not our issue to resolve. Occasionally in an effort to speed the process we all often bag our own groceries but that should always be our choice. While in the store I noticed the customer in front of me bagged his groceries as the chatty cashier rang them up. He gave the customer the receipt and said come again. When he started ringing up my groceries my daughter started bagging them. The cashier was not breaking a sweat as my duaghter continued bagging. After the last item was rung and I paid he bid us goodbye and proceeded to start on the next order, but there were still items that i had purchased that were still not bagged. He expected my daughter to finish bagging. I said “wait a minute you are not done with this order”, he looked at me as if I was asking him to do something outside of his job description. He then finished bagging up the order with a side order of attitude. When did we agree to do the work and pay for the privilege? As the comedian said “where’s my uniform?”

We should celebrate Mia Love and Tim Scott

Black people in the US are as different as their skin tones. No one voice can speak for all. Over the years the media has anointed the loudest voice as the leader, but that person only represented a segment of our many voices. Tuesday night Mia Love became the first Republican black woman ever elected to Congress, and Tim Scott became the first black man elected to the Senate since Reconstruction. This is historic, but the NAACP has failed to acknowledge these laudable accomplishments and that is simply not right. They are conservatives and many in the black community do not share their view of the role of government. It is ok to disagree with them but to ignore them is another thing. You can applaud their accomplishments without embracing their ideology. They made history and that should not be ignored it should be applauded.

Will Adrian Peterson return to the NFL?

Adrian Peterson has pleaded to a lesser charge and he will not face any jail time. Should he be allowed to return to the NFL? Share your thoughts.


Today is Election Day…if you don’t vote don’t complain

If you are a registered voter and you did not take advantage of early voting you need to vote today. Voting gives each of us the opportunity to choose who will represent us. This year the GOP candidates are viewed as the favorites and while that might turn out to be true your vote does count. I encourage you to vote today because it is an important right that so many people died for you to have.

The Two Ways out of the Neighborhood…which one did you choose?

Interesting article. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.



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