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Is the Press a problem for Ferguson?

Michael Brown’s death is a tragedy. We need to find out the facts and then we will know what the next steps should be, but is the excessive press presence hurting or helping Ferguson? Does the presence of the press lead to more information or does it lead to more mis-information? Share your thoughts.

“Uncle Toms” for Thad is what rush Limbaugh called Thad Cochran’s black voters

Republicans claim they want black voters but only if they vote the way they want them too. Check out Rush Limbaugh’s take on black voters.


Political Direct Mail, do you read it?

political mail
We have a primary coming next week and over the past few weeks we have received numerous mailers extolling the virtues of a myriad of candidates. The question is do you ever read these things, and if so do they factor into your decision about a candidate? Share your thoughts.

Is President Obama’s presidency over?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Is Democracy for everyone?

We believe in democracy. We believe in a free society that allows citizens to vote for their leaders. We believe in an orderly transition of power when someone is duly elected by the people, but does this kind of government work anywhere? We have seen so many dictators overthrown in recent years, but the countries in some cases seem worse than before the dictators were overthrown. So what do you think is democracy for everyone?

Christian Baker sentenced to re-education for refusing to bake cake for same sex couple…are his religious rights being violated?

Read the linked article and share your thoughts.


The President, the POW and the PR nightmare

Why is it that everything this administration does somehow seems to be a scandal in the making? One would think the release of a POW would give the nation a reason to celebrate, but NO not this time. Why didn’t the administration inform Congress prior to the release of Gitmo prisoners? Why was Susan Rice trotted out again to read talking points that are now viewed as suspect? There are so many questions that need to be answered. The POW’s hometown has cancelled their celebration because the police said they did not have enough manpower to deal with protesters. So where does this leave us? One family rejoices at the homecoming of their son, but a skeptical nation deserves to have their questions answered. Share your thoughts.

Pastor jamal Bryant says “these hoes ain’t loyal”…why aren’t the women in the audience bothered?

This clip has been making the rounds the past few days. Popular pastor Jamal Bryant tells the congregation “these hoes ain’t loyal”. His statement is met by affirmation, but why aren’t the women in the congregation bothered by his despiction of women? What is a ho? A woman who has been when lots of men, but what is a man called that displays similar behavior? Are they equally demonized? Is this appropriate for a pastor to say from the pulpit?


Police Commissioner resigns in wake of Obama slur

Read the linked story:


David Brooks questions the President’s manhood…appropriate?

Share your thoughts.


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