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Long Island Student Accepted into all 8 Ivy League Schools

Great story:


Why is First Lady Michelle Obama’s China trip being vilified by the right?

Mrs. Obama is leaving for China tomorrow. Her daughters, her mother and several staff members are also making the trip. Every time Mrs. Obama takes a trip I see articles estimating the cost of the trip. Also articles mocking the fact that she takes her mother. I really don’t remember this kind of scrutiny of the other first ladies, but Mrs. Obama’s schedule is always held up to the light. Read the linked story and please read the comments. Share your thoughts.


Bill O’Reilly’s War on “Gangsta Rap”…is this really the problem?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Gabrielle Union explains the “Cloak of Victimhood” on The View

Gabrielle Union spoke of being a rape victim on The View today. She said she got her power back when she shed the “cloak of victimhood”. She said as a victim she did not have to do anything. She said everyone rallied around her with support and love but it was not for doing anything positive. Her story is one of incredible triumph but unfortunately this is not every victim’s story. Some victims will wear that cloak much longer because so many victims do not get justice through the justice system. They are not lazy they are victims.

Florida teacher forces student to clean urinal with his bare hands

You take your children to school everyday. You trust the tachers, but the reality is you do not know these people. A Florida teacher, Jennifer Forshay decided that it was appropriate to make a student clean out a urinal with his bare hands. She believed he had clogged the toilet by putting paper towel in the urinal. She really did not think she had done anything wrong, and that is what is truly wrong.

Monica Lewinsky will always be a punchline to some

Monica Lewinsky’s name is back in the news. One of Hillary Clinton’s best friend’s personal papers were property of the University of Arkansas are now fodder for some conservative outlets. This morning on The View Barbara Walters was attempting to make a point about Lewinsky, but Sherri Shepard took the opportunity to slip in a cigar joke. Lewinsky will always be a punchline and that is sad. Bill Clinton is now revered in the Democratic party. He is friends with the Bush Family, he is close to the current president and he has the Bill Clinton Global Initiative that draws the great minds of the world, but he is also a president who took advantage of an intern. He has been able to wash the stench of the affair off of him, but she has not been as lucky. What truly galls me is when women take potshots at her. She is somebody’s daughter. No she was not a minor but she was seduced by a very powerful man: The President of the United States. It’s been almost 20 years but people still giggle at the sound of her name and they salute the sound of his, and while that’s not fair, but it is life.

Frat suspended for inappropriate MLK Day Party

mlk offensive fraternity party

Read the linked story.


Sherri Shepard apologizes for calling homosexuality a sin

In America we have freedom of speech, but if you have a talk show there are limits. This morning Sheri Shepard apologized to the gay community for saying she was brough up to view homosexuality as sin. today she apologized for expressing her opinion.
Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Shannon’s Share

shannon's share
THE BACKGROUND Just months after 11 year old Shannon Skye Tavarez made her Broadway debut as ‘Young Nala’ in Disney’s Lion King, she was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. To survive Shannon desperately needed a matching bone marrow transplant. During her 6-month battle with Leukemia, Shannon courageously appeared in various national media outlets and celebrities including Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Alicia Keys and Rihanna rallied to encourage people to register as potential bone marrow donors.
In November 2010, Tavarez lost her 6 month battle with leukemia.The lights at the Minskoff Theatre, where The Lion King is performed, were dimmed the night she passed.

THE EVENT On Monday, January 20, 2014 current Lion King cast members James Brown Orleans (Banzai), Chondra Profit (Sarabi) and alumni Tra’Lynn Husbands (Young Nala) will participate in a benefit cocktail reception to raise funds for Shannon’s S.H.A.R.E. Foundation, an organization founded in memory of Shannon Tavarez with a mission to bring awareness to the need for more bone marrow donors especially in communities of color, where the need is most prevalent and to financially assist patients and their families with blood related illnesses.

“Throughout Shannon’s search for a donor, the Lion King staff and production were incredibly supportive,” says Odiney Brown, Shannon’s mother and founder of Shannon’s S.H.A.R.E. Foundation. “Many of the cast participated in fundraisers and we were generously allowed to promote the donor registration to theater attendees in the lobby of The Minskoff,” adds Odiney.

Shannon’s story inspired over 10,000 people to register as potential bone marrow donors with nearly 50 matches for suffering patients including Chondra Profit who will be on hand at the event on Monday to share her experience as a donor.

Event highlights will include:
-Complimentary Cocktails
-Live performance by select Lion King cast
-Art unveiling by Brian Strumwasser
-On-Site Bone Marrow Donor Registration (Register + Save a Life!)

Suggested Donation $20


MEDIA LIST, Contact 718 496 2305

All proceeds are tax-deductible and will benefit Shannon’s S.H.A.R.E Foundation

Apple “Misunderstood”…Best Holiday Commercial

Great commercial..get your tissues ready.


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