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This Baby Mama Ad has social media on fire…but is it a true depiction?

baby mama ad

Read the article and share your thoughts.


Is this Robin Thicke video a little creepy?

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Political Direct Mail, do you read it?

political mail
We have a primary coming next week and over the past few weeks we have received numerous mailers extolling the virtues of a myriad of candidates. The question is do you ever read these things, and if so do they factor into your decision about a candidate? Share your thoughts.

Is President Obama’s presidency over?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Is Democracy for everyone?

We believe in democracy. We believe in a free society that allows citizens to vote for their leaders. We believe in an orderly transition of power when someone is duly elected by the people, but does this kind of government work anywhere? We have seen so many dictators overthrown in recent years, but the countries in some cases seem worse than before the dictators were overthrown. So what do you think is democracy for everyone?

Ruby Dee Dead at 91…RIP

ruby dee rip
Another legend goes from earth to glory.

Christian Baker sentenced to re-education for refusing to bake cake for same sex couple…are his religious rights being violated?

Read the linked article and share your thoughts.


Real Dad Moments from Dove…a great commercial showcasing real dads

Share your thoughts.

Rihanna…Fashion Icon?

rihanna fashion icon
Share your thoughts.

Las Vegas cop killers told neighbors they wanted to kill cops…why didn’t anyone say anything?

Yesterday in Las Vegas, NV a husband and a wife killed two cops while the cops ate their lunch. The cowardly couple then ran into Walmart’s and killed another person before killing theirselves. Today the news oulets have been interviewing their neighbors. One of them said that they talked about killing cops and if he had thought they were serious he would have called the authorities. When are we going to start believing people when they verbalize their plans? We don’t want to believe that people we know could do something so horrific, but we have got to start listening to the people in our orbit. Maybe if someone had told the authorities this couple might have been scared straight. We resist telling on our neigbors but we are living in the days of if you see something say something, and now we need to add if you hear something tell somebody… like the police.



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