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That sounds “dark-skinned”…what does that mean?

Last night I was watching TI and Tiny’s Family Hustle on VH1. It’s a funny show chronicling the lie of the rapper and his family. last night he took his daughters out to get a feel for what was going on in their lives. He asked one of them did she have a boyfriend and she responded yes. he then asked her the boy’s name and she said “Malik”, TI responded by saying that the name sounded “dark-skinned”…what? What does it mean? Share your thoughts.

Robert Richards IV, duPont heir admits raping 3 year old gets no jail time

Another victim of “affluenza”? A few months ago a rich teen who had killed 4 people was sentenced to a luxurious group home. Now Robert Richards IV heir to the duPont fortune has been given probation. He has admitted raping a 3 year old but the judge determined he would not do well in prison. Really??? Share your thoughts.


Ray Rice gets married a day after being indicted for domestic violence

Baltimore Raven Ray Rice is accused of knocking out his then fiancee. The day after he was indicted he married Janay Palmer. This is no surprise it may help his case, but the bigger issue is why would a man knock out a woman he claims to love? She is the mother of his child. Rice might win the case but the bigger issue is what kind of behavior will he demonstrate in the future? We can only pray for the new Mrs. Rice and hope that this kind of thing never happens again.


VH1 star Benzino Shot during his mother’s funeral

Read linked story for details:


RNC Chief demands apology from Ebony Editors

Ebony editor says she does not talk to conservatives and white people. RNC chief wants an apology from Ebony. She made the comments on Twitter. Should the magazine be held accountable for her twitter rampage? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Kobe Bryant’s Trayvon Martin remarks put him on defense

Read linked story and share your thoughts.


American CurrentSee, new digital magazine targeting black conservatives

American CurrentSee

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Belgium Newspaper depicts the Obamas as Apes…they say it is a joke, but we’re not laughing

obamas as monkeys
President and First Lady Obama depicted as apes…not funny. Sure some will say that George W. Bush was also mocked in this same way, but was his wife? Is it racist or simply poor taste?


World Vision changes policy on Gay Marriage

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Kim and Kanye get Vogue cover…why is this a big deal?

kimye vogue
Rap star and reality queen are featured on the cover of Vogue magazine. Some love them and others hate them, but why are they on the cover of Vogue? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.



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