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Barbara Bush says “we’ve had enough Bushes”, and I agree

Former first lady Barbara Bush was asked today if her son Jeb Bush should run for president. She said he was the best qualified but she said no. She said there are many talented families and people in this country and “we’ve had enough Bushes”. I agree with her and I think we have also had enough Clintons. What do you think?


Why would George Bush’s mother show him a dead fetus?

Preisdent Bush’s new book Decision Points is coming out this week. He chronicles a lot of events that shaped his life but one of them is down right disturbing. President Bush opposed abortion, but in the book he shared that as a teenager his mother suffered a miscarriage and she placed the fetus in a jar to take to the hospital with her, and seeing this fetus helped solidify his opposition to abortion. What???? Please tell me why would a mother show this to one of her children? To me this borders on child abuse. To place that kind of indeligble imprint in the mind of your child is simply cruel. There was nothing edifying about this act.


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