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Raven Symone says don’t label me African American

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Fire Shut Up in My Bones (A Memoir) by Charles M. Blow is a Must Read

Fire Shut up

I have been writing this blog for 7 years, and over the years I have received dozens of books from authors seeking reviews. This book is not one of them. This book I sought out. Over the years I have been a fan of Charles Blow. His columns in the New York Times reflect a quiet intensity that stirs the reader to want to take an action step. Sometimes memoirs are narcissistic endeavors. An exercise that allows the author to recite their struggle as the reader sits back as a passenger on the journey. Fire Shut Up in My Bones is not that kind of book. It engages the reader from the jump. Blow has the ability to pull the reader in with his rich use of language, and his characters have so many layers that the reader does not judge them, but yearns to simply understand them. He paints a literary picture with the masterstrokes of a talented Picasso. As I read the book I found myself writing down some of his powerful literary prose. Toward the end of the book he writes about a girl he loved and he wrote this “With her I relaxed, exhaled and forgot myself, and became myself”. This southern gentleman can turn a phrase in a way that compels the reader to turn the page. This book is a must read for this fall.

Steve Harvey’s partenership with Paula Deen has upset some people

“I just know the good in her. That’s all I know. And it outweighs the bad by a landslide,” — Steve Harvey on his new collaboration with Paula Deen.
Steve Harvey is officially on the COON train.

A friend of mine posted this on his Facebook page. Paula Deen admitted to using the N-word last year and she saw sponsors run from her like she had the plague. She has spent the last year rebuilding her brand. Steve harvey reached out to her and has made her a mentor to boys that he mentors through his foundation. He has forgiven her and he has put action to his words. Many in the black community are questioning the wisdom of this decision but what do you think? Should Paula Deen be mentoring young black boys?

When did preaching become entertainment?

When I grew up the preachers preached hard, worked up a sweat, christened babies, buried the dead and encouraged the living. They lived in the world of black and white, gray areas did not exist and living on the edge simply meant you were on your way to hell. These preachers were the pre-WWJD generation. For them it was not a question they already knew what he would do, say and they would tell you what he would say about your life. They were not right all the time, but they felt a calling on their lives. Their center stage was often at the front of a storefront. What made them bearable was they were sincere in their beliefs. They would come to the pulpit in their robes or their gray, blue, black or brown suits. Piety was often a way of life not just a word in the dictionary. Now we see preachers ready to strut and wait for their close ups. Preaching is big business. It’s lights, camera action. It’s about getting more in the door not necessarily getting more souls closer to the Great “I AM”. We are in the age of the Preachers of LA and soon to be released the Preachers of Detroit. We will see them flaunt their wealth as they spout well worn platitudes. It is a new day but is it a better day? Share your thoughts.

Republicans are people Too

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Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigns over security lapses

Julia Pierson resigned today. She did the right thing. Too many security lapses. She had to go.

Is the Boston Herald Obama cartoon racist or ridiculous?

obama watermelon cartoon
This cartoon appeared in the Boston herald today. Share your thoughts.

Husain Abdullah flagged on MNF for praying?

Tim Tebow was known for offering a prayer of thanksgiving for good plays he made in college and in the NFL. He popularized “Tebowing”. He was not penalized, but last night Husain Abdullah offered up an act of thanksgiving and he was rewarded with a 15 yard penalty. Can we say double standard. Share your thoughts.


Will this ad get Mitch McConnell reelected?

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Mother of beheader Alton Nolan claims he was a “good boy”

Alton Nolan was a disgruntled worker who beheaded one of his co-workers. This sentence sounds unbelievable but sadly we are witnessing a spike in barbaric acts. We saw the beheading of two journalists committed at the hands of the terrorist group ISIS, but it is harder to take when we hear this act was committed in our country. On this video Nolan’s mother tells us that her son was raised in a loving home and he is a good boy. She says there are two sides to every story, but what side could justify this act? Nolan might have felt he deserved a raise and he might have felt disrespected in the worplace but nothing he could say could justify this. So his mother might be right. He might have been a good boy but he grew up to be a badman.


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